Was going to try today but was  too lazy to get my Fitbit. Just decided to eat the cake instead.

I actually eat instead of do exercise all the time and I'm like oh yeah I have k and my parents then don't get mad at me. But in reality I just ate a shit ton of pretzels

Suspects sought for beating friend over a burger ATLANTA — Police are investigating a brutal attack of a woman who says her two best friends beat her for nearly two hours after she sat on one of their hamburgers.

Suspects sought for beating friend over a burger

Article: A Letter to My Best Friend.

A Letter to My Best Friend

Every best friend should read this. Thank you for always being there. Whether it's a conversation texting about my feelings or being down to grab lunch with me, you're there. You're the true definition of a good friend, and yo.

Fifth Harmony funny quote/meme

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I asked some of my friends if they would still be my friend if I was emo: out of all my friends, my best friend was the only one that said "We would grow apart quickly. STAY WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS"