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Fireplace cover! I would pad it so we could use it as an extra seat in the living room.

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diy padded hearth cover for baby proofing

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Baby proof fireplace with gates

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Jamboo Creations HearthSoft Fireplace Childproofing Cover Review

babyproofing fireplace, reading nook?

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Pink foam board from Home Depot, cut to fit around fireplace. I duck taped it together (underneath as well). Then, I covered it with quilt batting (folded to form layers). Lastly, I got some cheap fabric from hobby lobby and hot glued it underneath.

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Fun DIY chalkboard (and magnetic!) fireplace cover on the blog today! Great idea if you need to baby proof! Link in profile. #diy #chalkbo...

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Baby Proofing the Hearth - if we ever have a house with a fireplace mantle I am doing this... No matter how old the kids are!!!

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Baby proof fireplace by turning into a couch. and put glass in the fireplace so they can't burn themselves!

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I wanted a stylish yet practical way to babyproof my fireplace hearth. I measured the hearth then built a frame out of pine to slide over it then used rubber pipe insulation to cushion the corners. I then wrapped it in polyfoam batting to add more cushion then upholstered it using tablecloth fabric that has a clear plastic coating so I can easily wipe it clean when sticky little hands touch it! Voila!

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Fireplace Baby Proofing- Here is my quick solution to keep my newly crawling baby out of the fireplace! I cut and taped foam board to fit the size of the opening. I hot glued magnets to the edges of the foam board to hold it in place since our gas log insert is magnetic. I wrapped the foam board in fabric and hot glued the edge of the fabric to the back of the foam board. It really was a simple fix!

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Baby Proof fireplace

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Look! Crib Bumper for Baby-Proofing Hearth

Look! Crib Bumper for Baby-Proofing Fireplace hearth.

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How to Baby Proof your Fireplace

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Awesome and fun way to child-proof the fireplace without baby gates.

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DIY stylish and practical way to baby proof your fireplace

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DIY Stacked Wood Fireplace Facade for our fireplace that doesn't work but needs to be blocked against the draft. More

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