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Adorable way to incorporate a baby carrier into your costume. Popcorn vendor and a cute little bag of popcorn.

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Slings and carriers: Baby Halloween Costumes

pattern for halloween popcorn costume for babies | What other creative baby carrier costumes have you seen? sitesinden

20 DIY Kids' Halloween Costumes That Will Put Yours To Shame. Damn You Pinterest

Popcorn Baby Halloween Costume - Cute! If you had twins (or another child) you could have one be a ticket or something

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Popcorn Baby Costume

Sarah: My little girl wearing her popcorn Halloween costume. Instructions: Cut your white felt into a bag that fits the onesie Cut your red felt into long stripes that fit into...

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas: A Buttery Popcorn :)

Cutest baby costume ever! Actually, that hat could almost be considered lace and worn year round!

Follow these simple steps to create a DIY baby popcorn costume and they'll surely get a standing ovation this Halloween! What you'll need: scissors, measuring tape, fabric glue, white & red felt, baby hat, popcorn, baby carrier 1. Glue popcorn to hat 2. Measure the baby carrier and add 2" 3. Use measurements to make a box out of the white felt 4. Cut red felt into 1" strips & glue to the white felt 5. With the leftover red felt, cut out a sash 6. Cut a hole in each side and tie the sash…

Best Baby Costume 2013!! Little Scuba Diver. DIY scuba tank from large water bottle.