Learn feng shui basics and how to incorporate feng shui into your bedroom. From room layouts to colors, learn how to bring balance into your home

Feng Shui Bedroom Design: The Complete Guide

by Andrea Schulman via RaiseYourVibrationToday, Shutterfly A Complete Guide to Feng Shui (Beginner-Friendly!) “A Complete Guide to Feng Shui (Beginner-Friendly!)” contains a guest post sent in …

How to Sleep Better with Feng Shui

With help from Master Sarah McAllister, of the Feng Shui Agency; here’s an infographic to understanding how to get a better night’s sleep using simple Feng Shui techniques.

We asked a feng shui expert to tell us how to arrange a bedroom layout according to feng shui principles.

I'm a Feng Shui Expert—I Would Never Lay Out My Bedroom Like This

South Shore Decorating Blog: The Modern Bohemian Home from Anthropologie

I am not necessarily a fan of this bedframe, but I like the feel of the room with the warm gold colors, and blue-greens tied in. Also I don't love the persian style rugs, but I do seem to like colorful rugs