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İçinde balina köpekbalığı, beluga balinası ve daha 500 çeşit balık bulunan dünyanın en büyük akvaryumu nerede?


Part of the dynamics of the marine food chain is the bait ball: thousands or even millions of small fish concentrated near the surface in defense against larger fish and mammals. So beautiful


Hiepler & Brunier , Big Tank III, 2007 / 2008 © #Lumas

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Kayaking with Orcas in Antarctica


Consider Western Australia, lonely planet calls it "the final frontier."


Dallas Cowboys lets WIN This!! There are going to be so many people there.. Dallas Cowboys you are on my bucket list. I'm going to see you!!

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Chipotle's New Vegan Burrito: Meh

Chipotle’s newest filling, Sofritas, may cater to vegans, but it’s an affront to burrito eaters everywhere. Winston Ross on why even hot sauce can’t help.

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Amazing Maldives

Maldives #Islands