Bengal-coolest looking cat ever

bengal cat. Carlos says he wants one of these down the road to hunt around the house? Uh.....

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Turkish Angora is a very old middle-sized cat breed from Turkey. They are elegant with their silky coat, astonishing eyes and slim body stucture. Their traditional coloration is white but they come in multiple other colors too. These cats are playful, active and social and usually enjoy spending time on their owners lap or shoulder. It is a healthy breed but the white cats with blue eyes may be deaf.

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Ayasophia Museum -- This work of art needed a little extra touch. #Istanbul #cats #travel

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They are georgious!!! Stunning!

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Yaşam - Dünyanın en güzel kedileri - 16 | NTV

Oriental shorthair OSHc Lilac color?

GATO DE BENGALA; Tiene más o menos el tamaño de un gato doméstico, pero posee miembros mas largos. Su coloración es ocre amarillenta, aveces con un tono rojizo, manchada de marron oscuro y negro. Vive en Pakistan y Cachemir hasta las Filipinas y las islas de Sonda.

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