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Details about 70 x Lilaeopsis Micro Sword Carpet Aquarium Plant

Carpet aquarium plants or foreground aquarium plants are these species of aquatic plants which cover the bottom of your water tank. They are the most important plants in aquascaping. Carpet plants are shorter than other plants and successfully fill the front of your aquarium. Lilaeopsis, Micro Sword, Micranthenum ,Pogestemon, Lobelia mini, Hemianthus thalicroides Cuba, Dwarf Baby Tears, or Eleocharis parvula, Dwarf spikerush, Eleocharis accicularis, Dwarf hairgrass, Hemianthus micranth...


Gorgeous tank. I would love to do something like that for Couch and his buddy when we get him one :)


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2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry #103


120 Gallonen Holländer etwas oder eine andere Gepflanzt - Aquarium Pflanzen…

the 2nd Round Grading, TOP 200 Layouts | The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, IAPLC