Some might say you take the Bible "too seriously," while others may be inspired by your devotion. The fact of the matter is, you just can't get enough of God's Word and have this wild idea that it's actually meant to be lived by—imagine that!Laugh with us if these memes are totally you!       When your Coke game is on point.    

10 Memes Every Bible Lover Will Understand

Is it "Christian spam" if it's funny?

Is it "Christian spam" if it's funny

-- SDA, Seventh Day Adventist, funny Christian humor, you done messed up Aaron

Study your Bible - funny Christian joke of the week!

Study your Bible! -- SDA, Seventh Day Adventist, funny meme, Christian humor, news paper story

Laughter can enrich our faith if we let it.  :)

Here's your order, sir! A thousand business cards saying "Simon, the Fisherman! From now on you shall be known as Peter!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 51 Pics

Biblical salt and pepper shakers; guess which one is the salt? Now that is my kind of Funny Biblical Humor.

Discovered! A Page from an Old Testament Yearbook...

Old Testament Yearbook lol. -- SDA, Seventh Day Adventist, funny Christian humor, Bible comic

Thankfully Jehovah is very loving! (Even though it wasnt raining yet when the animals were loading, this is a point well made)

Thankfully Jehovah is very loving and patient God! Not accurate but funny :D

Inherit the Mirth by Cuyler Black Friday, October 10, 2014

Religious humor - memes - jokes and funny pictures Ten-second head start. - "Inherit the Mirth" by Cuyler Black;