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Mitosis Interactive Notebook - Three Hands On Activities for INB

GET YOUR STUDENTS INTO MITOSIS! Students have a fun time reinforcing their understanding of mitosis by doing these three hands on activities. By the end of these activities, students should understand mitosis inside and out.


Phonics Fluency Notebooks - Create a pocket for interactive notebooks by cutting one page in half then stapling it to the next page! Lots of tips here!


In 1898, Curie and her husband, Pierre, discovered radium. She spent the remainder of her life performing radiation research and studying radiation therapy. Her constant exposure to radiation led to her contracting leukemia and she died in 1934. Curie is the first and only person to receive two Nobel prizes in science in two different fields: chemistry and physics. She was also the first female professor at the University of Paris.


The Mitosis Song Music Video by Peter Weatherall - helps students remember the phases of #mitosis and what happens in each #cellcycle #biology

explaining acids and bases using m&m's could also be used in explanations of static electricity and charge! Could be considered an incentive if students eat the candies afterwards

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Oxford International Primary Science: Stage 4: Age 8-9: Digital Resource Pack 4

Oxford International Primary Science takes an enquiry-based approach to learning, engaging students in the topics through asking questions that make them think and activities that encourage them to explore and practise. ISBN: 9780198394921


Mitosis Lesson - High School Biology from Teach With Fergy on (45 pages) - Everything you need to introduce or review Mitosis is right here including the lesson (student and teacher versions) and a student lesson handout. The Power Point is interactive and engaging with YouTube videos and online simulations hyperlinked directly

An Interactive Tour of the Cell - Although the cell is the smallest unit of life, it is by no means simple. Take the tour with your students.