A guide to 45 horse breeds
The challenge of sitting on a horse in balance may appear no more complex than any other form of balancing – just a case of getting your bearings and learning to go with the horse.
Horse Rider's Mechanic article Stirrup length think I've got mine just right
4 Tips On How To Train Lateral Movements
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Scratches in Horses: Discover the possible causes of scratches and how you can prevent and treat this frustrating dermatitis often found on a horse's pastern in our step-by-step visual guide.

Infographic: Scratches in Horses

16 things you should never feed your horse
There are so many tricks you can teach your horse.  There are all the usual ones like kiss, hug, bow etc, but also have a think about teaching your horse some USEFUL tricks.  These can make life a lot easier (and safer) around your horse.
Learn about this frustrating contagious equine skin disease and how to prevent its spread.

Infographic: Rain Rot