Birthday Scenario Game ( my mum got kidnapped by winnie the pooh, i found that way to funny)

I'm gonna swap ghost stories with Jack Sparrow! But they forgot one important detail: it's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!

[Birthday Scenario Game | What is your fantasy alter ego?] I am a necromancer with an ebony dagger and a careful ranger for a companion.

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What is your fantasy alter ego? I am a seer that can control fire and is accompanied by a warrior maiden. I like it :) {Pristess who controls fire and my companion is a scrappy dog.

 Nach der Werbung geht's weiter  Das war die Werbung weiter geht's mit haben sie mitleid für ülkü ( in diesem fall ulku )  Warum ausgerechnet Ein Rachesüchtiger Zwerg der Nacht

I am the Vengeful Unicorn of the East

I am The ugly dragon of the seas.<<the ugly gargoyle of the seas.<<The Dark Unicorn of the Forest

Yet Another Birthday Scenario Game: I married Luke Skywalker because I was bored

Yet Another Birthday Scenario Game: I killed Luke Skywalker because an elephant told me to

I murdered a koopa……uh ok

DeviantArt: More Like Anime birthday scenario game by ElricTheShrimp

started a company with Black Widow. yeah!! birthday scenario game (the avengers edition) by XtigerstripesX on deviantART

Best friends with Hawkeye. Cool, but can I change my birthmonth to August, please?<<< mine is first kiss stolen by loki, love my birthday :D

But that's April fools day so really it's all a contradiction and you aren't best friends with this so called "best friend." And basically you're whole life is a lie.

Birthdays Mine is: Replace the human population with Winnie the Pooh!>>> Creates Clons of Chuck Norris

Random Birthday Scenario Game by SilverStarYoshi | Dammit Aang, we're in prison! What did you do this time?

AAM - Random Birthday Scenario Game: Stuck in prison with Kyo Sohma

Naruto birthday game. Orochimaru bought me my favorite animal because he wanted to see my reaction....O_O

Naruto Birthday Game mine is Kisame invites me to a restaurant because he thinks that I am adorable

Birthday scenario. I love kissing a Llama because i love being naked... Dude, what is the problem with me? XD

Birthday scenarios

I love kissing Iron Man because I needed to. That's my reason for everything tho! Just replace "Iron Man" with any noun for me & we're all golden~!

Kiss gray... Ich bin Tod wegen juvia ich habe noch bis dahin zeit dann Schüss Leute xD

Locked in a closet with Yukino but i am a girl so i take Jellal YAY ! I LOVE YOU JELLAL ♡♡♡ > < Fairy Tail birthday scenario game<<< kiss Gray > <