Dark Hair Colors: Deep Brown Hair Colors

100 Dark Hair Colors: Black, Brown, Red, Dark Blonde Shades

All I did was gave her a shorter haircut Lob style because the color still look good after 3 months and no fading or brass!

That Kind Of Woman

It was strange seeing the girl so completely relaxed. Every wind blew her dark hair across her face, but she let it. She actually let things go without her control. Very peculiar.

Off Black Luxy Hair Extensions added for length and thickness <3

Choose an Elegant Waterfall Hairstyle For Your Next Event

Off Black is a beautiful black shade with a lot of warm, brown undertones throughout the set. Instantly transform your hair with Off Black clip-in Luxy Hair extensions and feel more confident with thi

V shaped haircut for long hair, I need a change up from long & straight across cut

5 Amazing V-cut Hairstyles for Women

My favorite cut on long hair is the v layer cut. I call it the Victoria Secret models hair cut. Reminds me of when I had dark hair and extensions.

Best Step By Step Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorials

Best Step By Step Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorials