☾❃ Pinterest: lustfvl ❃ ☽ I would NOT use mac. They test on animals but Id love black lipstick in a different brand :)

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// One of my all-time favorite make-up pins ever, hands down. the black lip color, the soft and dramatic eyes, the tight-lining. I wish I had her eye color.

Kylie Jenner wearing black lipstick | goth makeup | gothic chic

The Real Reason Kylie Jenner Is Launching Another Black Lip Kit

Kylie : DEAD OF KNIGHT this shade is for you guys! When I asked what lip kit you would love to see next for Kylie Cosmetics the majority of you surprisingly said BLACK! So before I release KyMajesty…my black lip kit is coming this Friday!

Going dark on lips? Balance with a well defined brow to avoid the eyes getting lost. #browtip

Yes, You CAN Pull Off Black Lipstick—Here’s How

Dark lips in the fall are about as groundbreaking as florals for spring. But recently they've been making an appearance during the warmer months, and surprisingly, they feel completely fresh. Vampy lipstick can add.

Proof that black lipstick can look chic.

Grunge chic, black lips fluffy hair ---- i love this, but would do this with my plum lipstick instead of black. inspiration Where are these kind of women at? Need to find these girls stat.I've been doing this my whole life

Plus, it makes people stand out too much. | 17 Reasons Women Should Never, Ever Wear Black Lipstick

Plus, it makes people stand out too much.

Studded Rose

Studded Rose

I would only wear this for a photo shoot or a themed party. But, it's pretty!

Just a few years ago I thought black lipstick was weird. Fast forward two or three years and I now want black lipstick :-)