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I want a black pug so bad !

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Loca the Pug singing.'The pug that couldn't run'

It's cute dog time.  I must find room to have a dog here in tiny apartment

15 Pugs Taking Baths

Cute Pug puppy not liking bath time

Black pug. Omg the cuteness is melting my heart.

Please support your local shelters and rescue groups and always adopt, never shop. And, please spay or neuter all your pets. They are a treasure.

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More pugs as promised, will update in the future.

Little black pug dog awwwww

Cute Black Pug Puppy

Black Pug Puppy, well aren't you cute

Black Pug Puppy - Quentin at 8 weeks old.

Black Pug Puppy - Quentin at 8 weeks old.

this is why i prefer ig : no one wants to talk to me on here

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Black Pug Puppy ♥                                                       …

Pugs on pugs on pugs on pugs on pugs. WE LOVE PUGS. In this awesome dog compilation by petsami check out some of our favorite pug moments from the petsami vault

This sweet pug that you just want to eat up

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Adorable Pug Puppies. For more cute puppies, check out our youtube channel:

Black and Beige Pugs // Kisses

Baby pug fetches big stick

Black pug puppy fetches a stick ^-^

oh my goodness, she is adorable

My future black pug puppy

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Adorable itty bitty black pug puppy <3 I really hope my next Pug is a black one, so freakin cute!!!!!!!

Black pugs, black pugs and more black pugs