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I want to dye my hair like this, except with a red tint at the bottom instead of blue.

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wanna have hair like this but idk if I could pull it off

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Her hair. And makeup. And smile. AND HER SHIRT OMG. <3

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cool emoandscenegirlsonly by

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Ok not the nose piercing for me bit i.really like the scene thing going on. Rly pretty

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Hey I am Jayden. I am a demon but my twin sister is an Angel. Anyway I am 19 and single. I am super rebelious. But what ever. Come say hi.

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Fluffy hair OqO - Heart Our Style - fluffly hair hemulka xutebow pink hair scene scene hair styl

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Hai! I'm Phoenix! Y'all can call me Phin (pronounced Finn) though. I'm 16 and I work at Spencer's. I also am an author... I do a lot of creative writing. *looks down at feet* I am quite single and am pansexual. I'd love to meet you, if you don't mind.

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Does anyone know who this is? She has so many pictures but i don't know her name...

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H-hello, I'm k-Kissy, and I like Netflix and anime, and um f-food. Very shy, so…

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