Always loved going back to visit relatives in Blackpool, went to the top of the tower several times, to the dance competitions and the fair, great fun atmosphere back then

Donkey rides on the beach at Blackpool, Lancashire, England - Blackpool Tower standing in the background

North Pier Blackpool

Walked this pier many times.

The famous 1950's green trams which run from Feetwood to Blackpool

The famous green trams which run from Feetwood to Blackpool --- England

Blackpool Illuminations Tram

This is one of the trams used for the illuminations tour, these things are a fantastic sight.

Grand Theatre Blackpool

The Grand Theatre - Blackpool The Grand was designed by Victorian theatre architect Frank Matcham and was opened in 1894

40s bathing suits color found photo red white British seaside holidays - donkey rides on the beach

People over 8st banned from seaside donkey rides under animal cruelty rules

Fish and Chips - Blackpool, England, apart from family I miss the coast and fish and chips the most

Ten essential British foodie experiences

Blackpool Illuminations are an absolute must see for any hen party visiting during the winter months

Blackpool Illuminations, My Gran had a boarding house in Blackpool so we would go to hers and wait for it to get dark then walk the lights and buy hot doughnuts,lovely memories

The Big One. Opened 1994, at the time it was the worlds tallest and steepest. Also the fastest in Europe.

BLACKPOOL: The Big One, at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, opened in 1994 and was, at the time, the world's tallest and steepest roller-coaster.