Blue Tan Chihuahua

A tiny baby. I had a Blue teacup Chihuahua like this one and a black teacup chihuahua, back in high school. They were so cute but very feisty.

Beautiful blue chihuahua #adorable

This 2 types of Chihuahua are very popular today. If you want to know the difference about apple head chihuahua and deer head chihuahua, read the short guide about them.

Rita, Blue Merle Chihuahua

Most people don’t know that there are several types of Chihuahua since they mistakenly assume that all Chihuahuas look alike. Sorting out different types of Chihuahuas

Beautiful chihuahua                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Beautiful blue chihuahua, much like Minnie Audrey except Minnie is Black and Tan…

I've seen very few long hair Blue Chihuahuas!  Wow...

This Chi looks alot like our blue longcoat chihuahua.rare and such a sweet 'lil dog!

Micro Teacup Blue Chocolate Chihuahua Found a Loving Family in Texas!

Micro Teacup Blue Chocolate Chihuahua Princess 10 oz at 9 weeks! Very Rare Color! Found a Loving Family in Texas!

I want a blue chihuahua-so precious!!

How is a blue chihuahua puppy different from other chihuahua puppies? Why are blue chihuahuas rare?

#bluechihuahua Oscar the blue chihuahua

#bluechihuahua Oscar the blue chihuahua