20 Inspiring Eye Quotes

20 Inspiring Eye Quotes

I got lost in your beautiful blue eyes. and they say when a guy likes a girl he look into her eyes deeply.

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Perhaps you ache for freedom For the blue that's in your eye, Was given as a present From the fabric of the sky, And when you're gazing skywards It's no wonder that you yearn, When part of what you're made of Always wishes yo return.

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From the first night, I was consumed with your eyes. I couldn't take my eyes off you. They are so beautiful and every little thing about you is amazing! Love my blue eyed hubby

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My eyes are my own mood ring when I'm happy there a bright sparkly blue and when I'm broken like an abused horse there a light grey. I've happened to notice that whenever I speak to him there always a light sparky blue that I love o so much