An Aussie puppy with cute blue eyes. I'm determined to own a dog like this!

Facts About Australian Shepherds

A list of facts about the Australian shepherd breed including temperament, history, and little-known interesting facts. - My Doggy Is Delightful

A black she cat with icy blue eyes

Beautiful Kitties - 20th December 2013

Adorable blue eye black kitty in snow. I love this picture, i have never seen a blue eyed black cat before.

Probably the sweetest eyes Ive ever seen.

Blue-Eyed Dogs

You don’t often see blue-eyed dogs except in a few specific breeds. I love their unique blue eyes on these gorgeous dogs!

Dog | All Black Siberian Husky Puppy | Those eyes!

All Black Siberian Husky Puppy - It looks almost identical to Jakey when he was a baby (we'll pretend that's a dog) so pretty

Blue Eyed Dog cute animals adorable dog pets lol aww

These 15 Animals Without Hair Are Barely Recognizable

Blue eyed dog

New Pet Project Items: Outtakes & Behind The Scenes

Pomsky! Omg I want one!!! Pomeranian and Husky!!! I think i just died tej times just from that cuteness

Omg I want one! Pomeranian and Husky! I think i just died tej times just from that cuteness: Animals, Dogs, Puppys, Blue Eye, Pomsky

What beautiful eyes!

Abyssinian Cat Breeds

OML I'm dying, this is a GORGEOUS dog, whoever thought pit bulls are dangerous never owned a Shepard, Shepards are more likely to go rough than pit bulls

My lovely roommates say i cant have a pitbull, but if i ever ran across this cutie I would just have to find new roommates

such pretty blue eyes! I miss my Pit Bull Rascal's blue eyes from when he was a puppy