My ‘Lantern Corps’ logo series inspired by the DC universe of the Green Lantern.  (Hope) by Digital Theory

Inspired by the DC universe of the Green Lantern, this print represents the blue light of hope and features the symbol of the Blue Lantern Corps.

Induction ceremony for a new Blue Lantern with Guardian Ganthet and Sayd

Induction ceremony for new Blue Lantern Warth with Guardians Ganthet and Sayd

Lantern Propaganda: Blue by AT9 Design

Rough drafts for a possible series of propaganda style posters for the different Lantern Corps

Custom Made to order BlueLantern Ring inspired ring made from Sterling Silver and High Impact Resin.

Be the dark knight with these polished stainless steel batman rings!

Blue Lantern Flash by on @deviantART                         keepvid

Blue Lantern Barry Allen of Earth aka Blue Streak by Eric Guzman, a Mash Up of the Blue Lantern and the Flash.

Blue Lantern Core Oath. If I could be any lantern, I would be a blue lantern.

Blue Lantern Oath: In fearful day, in racing night, with stronger hearts full our souls ignite. Look to the stars for hope burns bright