Buddy the Mixed Breed puppy - He is so cute I had to post two pictures.

Buddy is a beautiful, unique Boston Terrier / King Charles Cavalier. He came from a breeder in the United Kingdom who had a little accident with a Boston Terrier, and what an amazing accident! looks like a mini boxer!

If you don't fight them, you will never want to let them go out of your life. See why at http://barkingtails.com

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Boxer Dog ❤ I want to get another boxer pup just for the hope of seeing this! So cute! I really miss my boxer " max" was the best dog ever!

Boxer puppy - Although I am a Shih tzu lover.. I have to admit boxers are one of the  best breeds ever, protective yet playful! So good with kids! Love them! Next dog????

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"Whaaaattt?" Cute boxer pups i would take both of them I love there faces too cute

Rocket Boxer Puppies - Week 8 aww makes me want another one. Looks like our two we have a fawn named Sugar and a brindle named Daisy!

boxer pups are my favvv This is my baby, Hudson Kampbell Grantham! - BillieJo Grantham

Boxer – Energetic and Funny – Pup Home

white boxer pup #BoxerDog

white boxer pup #BoxerDog