I perfer beautiful over sexy.... or hot...

Okay so all these "Boys who" are making me really sad that this will never happen BUT OH FREAKING WELL. I'll drown in my own sorrow

stare at you when you're distracted

I can't tell if he does it cause I'm not paying attention or see him but according to my friends he looks at me a lot and I mean we make eye contact cause we r friends ish idk we hang BUT with others

There is no bigger turn off than a whimpy hug...

Boys who respect their mothers are the ones who will treat you like a queen

Not just me, but all women who mean something to him!

my boyfriend Nathan who I met at turbo camp 2015 is protective of me, he had bashed a boy who made me cry, he is always telling people who are mean to me to shut up, I LOVE HIM, he is my man

Actually I'm not normally comfortable with hugging people and things like that but I would love to be comfortable enough to cuddle

Having you, pressed up next to me and a lazy arm draped across my waist, we just love without a word. So Love, every moment with you is worth a million stars worth of everything else.

Inspiring picture boys, boys who, quote, quotes, reason. Resolution: 500x500 px. Find the picture to your taste!

Don't fear the enemy that attacks you