Kenai & Koda - Brother Bear / Disney Inspired - Movie Art Poster

Kenai & Koda - Brother Bear / Disney Inspired - Movie Art Poster

The three totems of the brothers in Brother Bear. Kenai: The Bear of Love Denahi: The Wolf of Wisdom Sitka: The Eagle of Guidance

The bear, eagle and wolf totems from Brother Bear. Doing the little quiz, I got the wolf totem The Disney/ Pi.

Brother Bear by on @DeviantArt

made for the Thanksgiving Contest Brother Bear always makes me cry.even now so much feels TwT Brother Bear

Brother Bear is a story about a man becoming a Bear to learn how his pendent relates to him. "The Bear of Love". The man meets a little cub named Coda and through out the movie the man looks out for Coda. This movie is kind of like my brother and I. We look out for each other through thick and thin.

Most Underrated Movie: Brother Bear-a movie redefining love, courage, responsibility and family. The animation is beautiful, the soundtrack is fun and the message is one every kid, teen and adult should know and practice.

These two are hilarious. Brother Bear. My childhood obsession this and Lion King 2 :)

Brother bear- This movie is full of awesome puns/ quotes, and I love this line! "Well gee, eh, you're one big beaver." Notice how the other moose is looking at him like "really friend?

Brother Bear

brother bear - Definitely my favorite Disney movie but probably one of my favorite movies ever :)