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Graphing Lines & Zombies ~ Slope Intercept Form

Zombies & Graphing Lines sounds like fun! My 8th Grade Math & Algebra students would love this activity!

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Solving Multi-Step Equations ALGEBRA Color By Number

Great activity to review solving equations that is a little bit different. Resulting picture is dinosaurs!

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Factoring Trinomials Activity - Beginner

Great Factoring Trinomials Practice for my Algebra students!

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Math Pennants are a fun way to show off student work

Practice Algebra while building community and classroom decor! Included are 20 pennants for each of 4 topics. TOPICS INCLUDE: slope, solving equations (x on both sides), factoring quadratic trinomials (A=1) and domain and range. 160 pennants in all (80 with QR codes, 80 without), optional student answer sheets and answer keys.

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High School Math Word Wall Ideas

3 high school Math word wall ideas.

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Domain and Range Intervention!

Domain and Range of graphs (free activity)

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M&M Linear Systems of Equations Activity

M&M Linear Systems of Equations Activity

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Set Up Shop with Algebra Activity

Real-World Algebra Activity. Use A variety on Items around the classroom. Set a variable and a price to represent each item. (You can even allow the students to determine the prices). Have the students shop for items or create a shopping list for them. Students will need to write expressions that match their list, Then solve each expression to determine the final cost. Students practice writing algebraic expressions and multiplying and adding decimals. (Examples are provided on webpage)