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Baby Cheetah, Full Speed

Beautiful big cats: Leopards, Panthers, Jaguars, Lynx, Cougars, Cheetah and Pumas... you name it!  Follow @Animals :) via

Cheetah running. They are amazing creatures. Their top speed is 70 mph. Cheetah cubs have a stripe down their back to resemble a honey badger.

Cheetah by LisaDiazPhotos on Flickr.

Cheetah: It's as fast as to km/h. Small head, and thin body, but yet tall and long. An animal built to run like the wind.

Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) portrait of a cub on a tree. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, Africa

Kingdom: Animalia // Phylum: Chordata // Class: Mammalia // Order: Carnivora // Family: Felidae // Genus: Acinonyx // Species: A.

Baby cheetah.  Some things are just too precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pass out the cigars cause there’s a baby boom going on at Busch Gardens Tampa. Tendai (meaning “thankful”) and Thabo (meaning “joy”) are the names of the baby cheetah cubs born recently at the theme park.

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It's sad. Only of cheetah cubs in the world make it to adulthood. Help these beautiful animals by donating to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. A whole cheetahs family, adorable.

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Photography by @ (Iris Braun). Masai Mara - Kenya The most famous cheetah of the Mara, Malaika, with her two new cubs (almost three monts old).