Today we gathered creative and clever logo designs. I hope that you enjoy this collection and that it gives you some inspiration for your next design project.

Creative & Clever Logo Designs

Fresh, Creative & Clever Logo Design using Amp spelling out AM as a wire design and the plug in at the end. The white foreground and black and white background keeping the contrast between the logo and background

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45 logos feitos com palavras comuns | Update or Die!... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

45 logos feitos com palavras comuns Update or Die! - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

Symmetrical and clever #Logo #Design. in Logo Design

Creating a memorable logo may well be one of the most challenging tasks a designer can face. The success of an organization or brand can hinge on the effectiveness of a logo.


15 Stunning Simple Logos

Ed's Electric designed by Siah-Design This is brilliant use of negative space and conceptual idea. You see the E right away, and also the electric plug and socket are clear. Very clever logo!

Instead of using the classic "i" to spell out "time," the designer uses the hands on a clock. By utilizing this method, the designer is able to express time as more than just a simple word; associating it with clocks allows the audience to think of the true meaning of time rather than just the word.

36 More Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism


Design graphique / Manual

Clever logo design by Manual Creative for Slice. Images © Manual Creative all rights reserved (Via)

the type is so simple just like the design, I thought it was very clever to have the "G" look like a pair of glasses.  Such a simple design can do so much to type

This is example for typography design. I like that design since it is so creative typeface using the glass shape for "g" even though the design is really simple. I've got inspiration when I do assignments for typography design class.

Day #5-design that is strikingly beautifully. I have an obsession with clever "twofer" logos.

Fun with typography

36 More Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism | Bored Panda

36 More Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism

Poster 5945979. Photography. Text placement. White space.

The Print Ad titled Study Stress was done by Y&R Shanghai advertising agency for The Samaritans in China.

Clever logos using negative space and type creatively.

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs

Last week in class, as an introduction to our project, we began looking at expressive typography. While we see expressive typography all th.