The thing is, he'd do this. Clint Barton would hide in your ducts and say no when asked about it while still in said ducts

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edenforest: “ Character aesthetics: Clint Barton/Hawkeye – Avengers “Boomerang arrow. It comes back to you in the end. Boomerang. Respect it. ” ”

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Agent Barton, shield recruitment management <-All solid choices

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clint, barton

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Clint probably was tree #3 in the school play, but let's be honest, our fandom would so watch that.

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"What are you doing in the vents?""Hiding from Natasha

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Clint Barton and Matt Murdock @keymcd @mjwatts360 except it wouldnt be an accident. #posse

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Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff

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and to tie the Whedonverse on to this... I'm reminded of Xander talking to Dawn about how extraordinary it is to be the ordinary ones surrounded by superheroes.

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Filed under things that should have happened in the AoU easter egg <- Yes please. <- Why didn't we get this? #Avengers #Clint

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