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Anakin Skywalker & Adi Gallia in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Plo's bros. A great Easter egg in the series.<<until you realize they killed him in the end

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I don't know how, I just remembered that in Clone Wars, in the Zygerian-arc when one of the Zygerians knew that Obi-wan wouldn't kill him, because Jedi don't kill unarmed enemies and Rex kills him and says: I am no Jedi. I AM NO JEDI... When will Star Wars stop ruining me? WHEN?

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This prank made my day #nottofolloworders #SWTCW #AnakinSkywalker #MattLanter #ObiWanKenobi #JamesArnoldTaylor

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If there's one thing I've never understood about Clone Wars, it's this.

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Is it just me, or did anyone else get the impression that Plo Koon is just everyone's dad?

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Ahsoka and Captain Rex Dunno why, but this pic is slaughtering me inside... The first meeting and then fifteen years later!

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Yeah, you watch that, then revenge of the sith, and then you watch rebels and rogue one then a new hope

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dis4daria: “ you know, i strive for happy fics! and lately i’ve read amazing ones - “beyond expectations” series by @generalskyguy and “stream” by @oobwan ♡♡♡ if you, my friends, love happy and well-written long fics - those authors are for you! i...

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