Beautiful cobalt blue water beneath the Pedestrian Bridge over Tempe Town, Arizona.

the water there isn't blue it's more of a dark brown black due to the fact it's a man made lake and they never clean it. Rolling cobalt blue water ~ Pedestrian Bridge over Tempe Town Lake, Arizona

Love the color of this old cobalt blue antique stove!

a reconditioned vintage gas stove in cobalt blue or british racing green. OMG I am SO getting this stove one day! LUV the cobalt blue!

Another Cobalt Blue Arrowhead by sticksnstones89 on deviantART

Cobalt blue glass arrowhead knapped from the bottom of a glass bottle. Another Cobalt Blue Arrowhead

Blue balloons always make you smile even if they land in the water and get taken away by the Harbour current. I just know you love them.

Picture of Balloons birthday party holiday decoration colored blue. stock photo, images and stock photography.