Colin Egglesfield (Eye Candy)

Collin Egglesfield from Something Borrowed and The Client List, would have been awesome as Christian Grey.

Colin Egglesfield: The guy you saw in one movie and were like "Who is he and why haven't I seen him in every movie there is?!?"

Colin Eggsfield- the first time i saw this man on a screen i pretty much wanted to make love to the screen

Colin Egglesfield...heeellooo gorgeous!   via | Chicago Tribune Blog @

I rarely ask for anything. All I want is Colin Egglesfield. Okay maybe I've asked for a few other very attractive people, but let's not concentrate on that fact right now. Colin is SEXY!

Colin Egglesfield (The Client List)  Fotografía : Isabelle Ratane  #SensaCine

Festival de Monte-Carlo 2012 : toutes les photos des stars !

Guilty Pleasure: Colin Egglesfield | Gay College Daily

Guilty Pleasure: Colin Egglesfield

Colin Egglesfield, my christian grey and my current obsession :) He's soooo hott on the client list and something borrowed!

Colin Egglesfield - Such a beautiful smile!

He is gorgeous 😍Colin Egglesfield (Dexter Thaler III) from Something Borrowed.T as a LAPD Officer.

Colin Egglesfield - those eyes are a sensational steel grey. We think he is our perfect Christian Grey. We can clear our schedule's to play Ana in the audition process.

Afternoon eye candy: Colin Egglesfield (30 photos)

Colin Egglesfield should be Elliot Grey. Since Elliot is a ladys man I vision him to very sexy. fifty-shades-of-grey

“I will not love you. I will have no use for you other than sex and photo ops. That is something you might want to consider when making your decision.”

Colin Egglesfield - for Roger Wakefield / macKenzie in Outlander series!

Who should have been Christian Grey?

Top 9 Hot Actors Who Should Play Christian Grey ...

♥ Collin Egglesfield for christian grey. This is exactly who I picture when I read!

Colin Egglesfield. Hell. Yes. the movie Something Borrowed ♥

from something borrowed! OMG i had this poster on my wall when i was in middle school! so hot!

Colin Egglesfield

David Thomas - Still - Male Celebrities - Colin Egglesfield - Italian Vanity Fair - Mark Liddell - 2011

Colin Egglesfield, something borrowed is actually perfect.

Colin Egglesfield, the “Tom Cruise” of our generation, is the hunk of the day . Colin Egglesfield (born February is an American a.