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Welcome to fyeahcrystalreed! This blog is dedicated to the lovely and talented actress Crystal Reed,...

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I'm going to miss Allison, but I'm also going to miss the archery part of this show. I always loved seeing all the different bows and styles on Teen Wolf and I hope that doesn't go away entirely with her character.

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Allison Argent/Crystal Reed)) ((Assassin)) Hi. I'm Fiona Crest or Firecracker. That's not my real name of course. I'm not stupid. Only a select few know my real name. I'm 19 years old, and you know me. Everyone does. I'm the infamous Queen of the Assassin Rebels.. For obvious reasons. Don't underestimate me. You'll regret it.

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crystal-reed-shopping-at-elizabeth-and-james-at-the-grove-in-hollywood-12-21-2016-6.jpg (1280×1768)

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I think Crystal Reed would play a really convincing Hero because she has a face that is appealingly dainty and soft.

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JR Bourne and Crystal Reed at the Nemeton Itacon Revolution in Rome today!

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Dylan O’Brien and Crystal Reed. San Diego Comic Con 2013.

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