When I'm too lazy, i just leave it down. Get compliments all the time, WTF.

curly hair problem - saving for Lucy.someday I know she'll complain about her curly hair! Strangers tell her it's amazing all the time.

Yes!!!! I would wear my hair down all the time but nooooooo the rest of my hair has to be a jerk!

Curly Hair Problem: Discovering one perfect, wavy curl, and wondering why the rest of your hair can't be like that.

Yes! And u try to recreate past hair styles and fail! Even though u do the exact sane thing as before....

I have naturally curly hair and I have this problem. If you have straight hair your lucky. It's easier to do things with your hair

soooo true...


Curly Hair Problem That one glorious day where your curls actually look good, you cant lean back on anything.

Love them or hate them, if you have curls, you've probably experienced some of these issues. I...


This may be true for some strait haired girls, but, I have strait hair and it is not nearly that simple!

curly hair problems funny | Curly Problem IKR. Constantly being asked, "Did you get that curled or something everyday?" Hahahahahahaha. No.

I Got 99 Problems…And My Pinterest Followers Have the Same Ones

Curly Hair Problems - I get asked THIS everyday! I love my curly hair but do you really think I would take hours to curl little curls everyday.

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Curly Hair Problems

So true! I spend the entire day running my fingers through my hair, it's the only time I get to! And then my friends will be like why do you always mess with your hair when its straightened BECAUSE I HAVE TO 😂😂😂

Curly hair problem - friday night is usually when i do this, or right before i wash my hair.

"Curly Hair Don't Care"

Ohh I love your hair! Me: I washed it, I have curly hair Co-worker: really? you just wash it and it curls up like that? Me: Like I said I have curly hair.