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Daily Odd Compliment: Hanging out with you is more fun than playing with a coloring menu at a restaurant. And sometimes those menus have a maze.

Daily Odd Compliment

"Perfectly Imperfect" I've always thought this would be the sweetest thing to tell someone and now it's a Daily Odd.

more like crazy all the time. @Viviann Do @Haylee Oyler

Daily Odd Compliment: I love the way your mind works. I mean, sometimes I think you're cute, and the things you say make no sense, but then other times I'm like, "That is literally the best idea I've ever heard in my entire life.

Daily Odd Compliment : Photo

Daily Odd Compliment : Photo

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Lord of the Flies, Chapter 4, Close Read for Jack's Mask

@Sarah Chintomby Burton But my jokes are really horrible, but you give me affirmation that sometimes I'm a little bit funny.

"Fantastic Humor" - Daily Odd Compliments sadly it's my daughter not my husband who gets my sense of humor but at least someone does!

You know when you wake up - Daily Odd Compliments. - Imgur

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