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My new Double Bass poster is a great resource for every bassist: it’s a fingerboard chart and timeline, and shows the notes on the fingerboard, the notation and positions – in original sc…

Double Basses all in a row within the Contrabss Shoppe

I really liked the composition of the double basses in the way that they were arranged to allow for a view of all of them.

They thought the case was closed. But it was bass less.

lucy-cat: “ here we see a wild bass player in it’s natural habitat, sleeping soundly in its cocoon ”

interesting splashes of colour evoke potential sounds and bring life to the image for me

iDrawing: Drawing Music :: Medeski Martin & Wood at Terminal 5 with Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra

Thomann Rockabilly WHE 3/4 Double Bass #thomann #doublebass

Thomann Rockabilly Double Bass WH

The octobass is an extremely large bowed string instrument constructed about 1850 in Paris by the French luthier Jean Baptiste Vuillaume (1798-1875). It has four strings and is essentially a larger version of the double bass. The instrument was, in fact, so large that it took two musicians to play: one to bow and the other to control the "fingering", and was consequently never produced on a large scale or used much by composers.

✯ Black and white stock photo of two women near the largest violin. One woman is standing on a ladder, turning the pegs to tune the instrument, while the other is holding the bow over the strings.

Wulter Bass refurbished dyed indigo and half gilded in copper leaf - rather spectacular --- - Confira aqui as melhores lojas online de Instrumentos Musicais.

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frettedchordophones: “ Wulter Bass, refurbished, dyed indigo and half gilded in copper leaf - rather spectacular ”

Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah - Bass Clef Instrument" Sheet Music (Cello, Trombone, Bassoon, Baritone Horn or Double Bass) - Download & Print

Guitar Playing And What It Takes To Get Good. The guitar is a wonderfully versatile instrument, providing relaxation, inspiration, and energy to whoever needs it.