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Spies met banaan, aardbei en druif.
This perfect treat for kids who love to be grossed out.

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Children's Food
Rainbow Fruit Snack (oranges: mandarin, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple (chunks), grapes: red & green) on a skewer....

Rainbow Fruit Snack

This Veggie Train Snack is fast and easy to make and so fun for the kids. Don't worry about getting it perfect, the kids will love it!!!

EASY Veggie Train Snack for Kids

A fresh new way to enjoy fro yo! These creamy bites come in all the colors of the rainbow. All you need are yogurt, fruit and a freezer. Easy freezy!

Fruity Frozen Yogurt Snacks

Apple Cookies are healthy and delicious which makes them the perfect vegan and gluten free snack recipe!

Apple Cookies

Fruit bowls for kids parties, st patricks day and birthday or Easter and Christmad parties! super for picnics so refreshing, stick a toothpick thru the cheese and into a strawberry for support.   The waffle bowls are sturdy enough to support wet icecream, so these last as long as the fruit is dried after washing.
Home made lunchable, website on link not working but this is a good idea.
to-do by IfOnlySmile