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"EDDIE VAN HALEN CIRCA 1982, VAN HALENS <span class="EmojiInput mj392" title="Black Right-Pointing Triangle ::arrow_forward::"></span>DIVER DOWN<span class="EmojiInput mj391" title="Black Left-Pointing Triangle ◀"></span> TOUR!"

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Eddie Van Halen took flying lessons from David Lee Roth.

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When Van Halen played great music, but had no sense of style.

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Van Halen Through the Years

Eddie (Van Halen) guitar alien! changed the game; changed the whole damn stadium!!! Best guitar....Its Black with yellow stripes and oh will be mine.

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Oh just Eddie Van Halen ❤️ being awesome!!

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Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat! ... one of the earliest "music images" that painted my brain ...

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Classic Photo: David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen eating Big Mac’s back in 1979

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Edward Van Halen ...this is my other favorite pic of Edward. It must be a Ross's got the look. One spotlight illuminating the genius...and you can't even see his face yet you know it's Edward Van Halen. A serious stance when you think of all the other photos of him jumping, flying through the air, making faces for the camera...I just love that this shot is so serious and simple...just Ed.

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