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Meet Emma Orbach, a Real-Life Hobbit Who Lives Off the Grid - TechEBlog


Florida Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal – Mandates All Homes Must Be Connected To An Electricity Grid

I'll be more aware of this when I talk to others who may imagine off-grid means living a disconnected primitive lifestyle without any technology or comforts their accustomed to. When I say 'off-grid' I mean the original definition 'grid' referring to a municipality's power distribution system which is generally laid out in a 'grid' like pattern. So 'off' the grid just means NOT connected to the municipal utilities. It doesn't necessarily mean 'living without power or electricity, though it…

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How to Stay Warm in Sleeping Bags While You're Outdoors

How to Stay Warm in Sleeping Bags While You're Outdoors | Best Camping Tips by Pioneer Settler at

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Living Off-Grid with Solar Electricity

What is it really like to live off-grid with solar electricity? We've been doing it for a year, and in this post I share how solar electricity is working for our family, on our off-grid homestead. | Homestead Honey

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Off-Grid Living: Take Care of Personal Hygiene - Survival Mom

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Ultimate Off Grid Resource List - The ultimate comprehensive list of off grid resources and information, DIY, how-to’s and off grid information on the web. This massive list of off grid information is designed to give you the best off grid information on the web and save you time and money on your off grid projects. It will help you learn more about how to go off grid, how to setup solar power, wind turbines, and how to grow your own food.


Another Court In The U.S. Has Ruled Off-Grid Living Illegal | Off The Grid News