[ fc: lexie gene and leda muir ] "hey... m-my names leda.... im really shy... I just moved here from Virginia. I like cats and cuddles. I'm sixteen, single, and lesbian.... Intro?"

[ fc: lexie gene and leda muir ] "hey. m-my names leda. im really shy. I just moved here from Virginia. I'm sixteen, single, and lesbian.

{Fc: Leda Muir} Heya, my name's Leda and I'm 17 and single. I'm just a plain ol human but I find it really cool that there are vamps and wolfies. I don't really have a life. I like cats, food, netflix, and music

{FC: Leda Muir} Hi. I'm Leda, I'm I'm kind of quiet, so I apologize in advance for that but um. I'm really good at art (drawing and painting) and I'm kind of socially awkward so I apologize for that as well.

44 Amazing Emo Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind

Emo is a short form of emotional. Emo girl pictures are loved by teen girls. Mostly teen girls of western countries are emo. Emo girls are very emotional and

Alright, Blonde and Blue. ♥ I love. Your shirt. Give me. cx And you tatoos. ♥

{This isnt me} So yeah i'm new Name: Hope, Sex: Female,Sexuality: Bisexual {Yet i lean more towards girls} I'm single xc Thank you for looking at my page ❤

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the two liars are finally together. im glad im not in that. i wont try to do anything *shrugs and grabs spraypaints* skatepark anyone? monster, spray cans and music.

Kat) I'm crushing so hard it hurts. Stop heart. Those butterflies in my stomach are already bad enough.

Yay I'm back to :D my goal was by new years but I doubt that's gonna happen now ;

Samantapixie #emo #alternative

Samantapixie #emo #alternative

Perfect. Everything about this is perfect. If only professional jobs accepted this...

She's really pretty! I wish that this kind of stuff was concidered okay and emo/goth/scene people weren't bullied for it :(