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19 Wonderful Reasons To Rewatch "Empire Records"

Released in 1995, Empire Records combined a record shop, mini-kilts and an amazing soundtrack to create the ultimate teen movie. And here’s why it ruled. | 19 Wonderful Reasons To Rewatch “Empire Records”

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9 Random Pop Culture References That Inspire My Beauty and Fashion Choices Today

Liv Tyler. She's a confirmed Natural (probably a Soft one, given her famous full Tyler family lips). Her coloring is very Clear, so I'll go Clear Winter. I used to be quite obsessed with her :)

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The 22 Best Cult Movies of the ’90s

Empire Records - "I thought Liv Tyler was the coolest person ever at the time." —Brooke Ely Danielson, Accessories Editor

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Empire Records. not really a "lawl" but still. needed to post this greatness.

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Liv Tyler and Johnny Whitworth behind the scenes of Empire Records (1995)

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Empire Records. Best movie where the Cracker song is on the soundtrack and not in the movie.

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Liv Tyler in Empire Records (1995)

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Damn the Man, Save the Empire

Damn the Man, Save the Empire -- Empire Records movie quote, distressed typographic poster print

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