Biggest pet peeve ever!!!!!!!!!

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Biggest pet peeve of mine: When I hold the door open for someone and don't get a thank you or even just a smile...

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OMG ONE OF MY BIGGEST PET PEEVES IN THE WORLD --- 55 Things That Deserve A Special Place In Hell

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Pet peeve...this is why I now shop mainly online... change the refine options to size small and BOOM!!.. No more let downs lol!

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I hate that...and then you go left and they go left...and you go right and they go right. Ugh!

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This is my husband. ...and I need this dinosaur hoodie to exist...

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How can words like "Turnt", "Fleek", and "Bae" be understood but people cant use "Your", You"re" and "Their", There", and "To","Too", and "Two" correctly in a sentence?

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"It's only been 15 seconds!'

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sarcastic quotes - Google Search

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I hate that, because I'll be like yeah... And they're like sorry wasn't talking to you. Ummm, then why call me when your busy speaking to someone else fuckface!

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