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Peiks (Ottoman messengers), originally, messengers or postal runners. They were fast athletic runners and could travel great distances without rest. It took them, for example, two days to get from Edirne to Istanbul on foot. They carried a hanjar (Hancer) - dagger in their girdles, a halberd in their right hands and a handkerchief full of sugar in their left. One of their tasks was to inform the Sultan when the pilgrims had returned from Mecca. The post was abolished in 1828.


Musdedji-Bachi (porte-nouvelles). Saraz-Bachi (sellier du 64e bataillon). Serden-Ghesti-Agassi, Chef des Volontaires. Sali-Ousta, Capitaine du 1er bataillon. Djebedjilerin Kiayassi, Général de l'Artillerie