Na antiguidade as pessoas com doenças contagiosas (lepra/peste) eram confinadas em locais isolados. Esse cara daria um ótimo "carcereiro"

m Wizard hermit Magic Book Lantern forest hills spassundspiele: “ The Hermit – fantasy character concept by Hector Pohl ”

I always have trouble thinking of jobs for my characters... which would explain why right now my protagonist is unemployed...<<< Same here! I made mine emotionally unstable just so she could remain jobless, and I ended up changing the plot.

Reference - 100 jobs for fantasy characters - evelynatthecircus: “ lauraharrisbooks: “ Beyond this, consider how these professions might vary depending on who the customers are - nobles, or lower class.

Aurelia Covingham, Fifth in the Covingham Dynasty, Queen of Azure and her Three Seas, Protector of the Realm

The Fourth Lady was eternal, face frozen in disdain on canvas. Pity an assassin had made short work of her. (The Lotus, Ina Wong - Artstation)