"Oh sister mine. What have you done?" Her smile turned preditory. "And how shall I retaliate?"

The Fourth Lady was eternal, face frozen in disdain on canvas. Pity an assassin had made short work of her. (The Lotus, Ina Wong - Artstation)

This is a portrait of s beautiful character Drizella. I've been completely obsessed with all shades of purple lately, got another purple painting in progress at the mo Anyways, I'm really happy wit...

Sense or Sensuality — Drizella portrait - commission by Viccolatte Or taking the color and and just making it dreamy. I'm still fleshing it out.

First Snow - Wonderful painting of a girl experiencing the first snow. The snowflakes are depicted to be gently falling around her as she looks forward to the winter debris.

25+ Amazing Digital Paintings

First Snow by Swiss Artist Selene Regener ("Selenada") on Deviant Art - A wonderful painting of a girl experiencing the first snowfall.

Her eyes welled with tears. He didn't want her. He pushed her away. But he had told her he loved her.

He squanders so much of his talent on overt graphic carnality. Anyone who could render the beauty of Woman as he does here is meant art of a higher order.

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Randomly picked a character for a simpler portrait example (for the commissions I’ll be announcing this week) and it landed on a drow.

I had a bit of a rough time with art last week; I was coloring a picture (this picture to be exact) and I just couldn't make it work. I wasted many hours on it, only to finally give up (which I nev...

Lysia as Queen of the Unseelie? League of the Risen: All-knowing Princess of the Risen; sees visions. The Risen League worships her like their own Goddess. She is seen as the Holiest of their angels


Princess Lauralye by Selenada on deviantART. Such a stunning face with wild hair. She's not just any old princess!