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“Get back together” means “to start a relationship with somebody again”. Example: I just got back together with my ex-girlfriend.

Are you full of beans? #idioms #english #learnenglish #englishidioms

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14 Cows That Are Too Cute To Handle

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"Stool pigeon" is a ​police informer. Example: The police would never have found…

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Ever seen this anchor chart for prepositions and wished you had a copy to print off yourself? Now you can!!! by delores

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The English Student,, the english students, adverbs…

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“Get down on” means “to criticise someone”. Example: My parents used to get down on me for failing tests.

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“Like water off a duck’s back” means “without any apparent effect”. Example: She calls him lazy and useless, but it’s like water off a duck’s back.

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"Skirt the rules" means "to avoid the rules without breaking them". Example: I consulted my lawyer to make sure that I was only skirting the rules, and not breaking them.

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