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Illustration of Stilized silhouette of spanish flamenco dancer women vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

Flamenco painting- Flamenco dancer wall art in red dress limited edition giclee print on canvas with gold background gift

ON SALE Flamenco Dancer Art Print on Paper- Flamenco dancer in red dress painting - Earth Tone Back Ground art.

How to do Flamenco hands!

The Flamenco is an intricate dance style, including flowing, complicated hand movements.

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My mom would be a flamenco dancer/instructor. This image reminds me of one of her dance outfits. I imagine if she were still here on earth, she'd have spent time in Seville and performed in flamenco clubs and then toured for a year.

Flamenco how-to from the National Post.  I approve this (!) - an important aspect of an extremely complex art form.

Learning the art of flamenco dancing by Lia Grainger

One of my favorite passions is flamenco dancing. Here is a phenomenal article by a gal I danced with in Vancouver, Lia Grainger, published in the National Post, a major Canadian newspaper.

A la cola!

Love the combination of the black dresses, red roses, and gold jewelry

My favorite part of dancing flamenco. "flamenco hands"

I always had trouble transitioning to ballet with my hands because I always had flamenco hands and the teacher constantly had to correct me.