Freestanding closet

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The Homestead Survival | Build This Freestanding Closet For Around 200 dollars |
free standing "closet"

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See new products from Ikea's 2017 catalog including a mini kitchen, sink accessories, tables with storage, and more. Domino shares their favorite finds from Ikea's 2017 catalog.

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Home "Alone": Small Space Hacks for Creating Privacy At Home - Depending on their placement and use, solid pieces of furniture can act like room dividers, freestanding walls and storage, all at once. Here, a custom piece (on wheels!) we found on VT Wonen is a wardrobe and creates a bedroom in a larger space.

Home "Alone": Small Space Hacks for Creating Privacy At Home

Using wood slats and galvanized pipe you can build this freestanding closet for around 200 dollars and really expand your closet space.
Adding a Closet Where There Is None - Freestanding Wardrobes

How to Add a Closet Where There Is None

Install a freestanding door in a corner and brace it with wood strips, then it can be a perfect storage space.

Low-Cost DIY Closet for The Clothes Storage

How to Build a Freestanding Closet System | Free project plans on | Closets are kind of like potato chips. No matter how many you have, it would always be great to have just one more. Of course, finding space for another closet is challenging, if not impossible. That’s why this freestanding closet is great. It provides an extra closet anywhere you need one.