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I love it! I'm not sure if that's a backstabber per say but I definitely know a person like this.

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That knife you stuck in my back became useful when it came to cut my ties with you

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back stabbers funny memes - Google Search

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Point Taken !!!!........ These people are not only back stabbers but they two faced Fakers too.. Clearly!!!!...

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Sad thing is -- THEY will Deny, Deny & Deny.... Friends and Family are Back Stabbers too - Never Forget !!

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It never ceases to amaze me how people "remember" things that never happened. Listening to a lying A**hole wont get you the truth. Have the guts to just ask if it's so important that you know my business!

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Toxic people (backstabbers, liars, deceivers) won't stop getting involved in your life behind your back until they think they have done everything they can to screw you over. The best thing to do is just close the door on them and never open it again. Toxic people love to brag to others about how they're screwing you over but they always make it sound as if it's your fault everything happened or they're doing it to protect you (for example - to keep you away from an "abusive" man).

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I know you don't think I know...but believe me....I know you should probably watch who you're talking to.

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For all the people that I know that live in Brooks Alberta. Losers.

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