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Jackson just makes me laugh no matter what he does!~♡☆

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ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ GOT7 Jackson

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GOT7 <3 I CAN NOT pick a bias in Got7!! I love Jackson so much, but like JB is so good and like bias wrecks the Hell out of you and then BamBam is just dabbing his way into your heart, like.... O.O

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Jackson (GOT7) Plus

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GOT7 Japan Official on

GOT7 Japan Official <that awkward moment when u thought JB is Mark ;-; >

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~yoυ нave тo lιve вeттer тнan мe~proмιѕe мe~ More

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Got7 is definitely my guilty pleasure, just right is so cute!

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got7 bambam jb jackson mark jb yugyeom younjae junior cute sexy group kpop

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I think u got it wrong, Wang puppy is killing fangirls all over the planet!

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Youngjae jackson and bambam looking so vogue meanwhile everyone else is distracted by something that could also most likely be some shit like a booger or else -.-

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