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Being a father doesn't start when the child is born it starts when the mother is pregnant.

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True! #PregnancyQuote #MomToBe #Preggo | Pregnancy | Mum To Be | Cute | Parenting Quote

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The Easiest Way to Relax during Pregnancy

Approach with caution I am pregnant! Mom to be | Pregnancy | Baby on board | preggo!

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What's Your Favorite Thing About Being A Woman?

Being a woman is great, but being blessed as a mother is something incredible! Moms rock! Thanks for this Nikki!

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In Our Hearts and I'm Going to be a Mommy

I'm not even married or in the process...but i Know one day, I'll be there! @Kristina Kilmer Nicole this made me think of you.

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---We're not pregnant again yet but whether we're blessed next with a beautiful baby girl or another beautiful baby boy, this applies... We just can't wait to be blessed with our next tiny little miracle and we'll be elated with whichever gender The Universe gives us! One Beautiful Angel Spirit Baby and three Beautiful Earth-Side Babies is perfect for us ❤

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A baby will make love stronger...

The Stir-12 Quotes About Motherhood That Tell It Like It Is

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The butterflies he use to give me, turned into tiny little feet.

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After being a mother 1 month i realize and identify every word of it - the great explanation of being mother

After being a mother 1 month i realize and identify every word of it - the great explanation of being mother

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365 Happiness Project: Quote 292

truer words have never been spoken!

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It's easy being pro-life when you are not the one being pregnant!

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No I am not Pregnant...scrapbook idea for kids ultrasound pages...Baby Ultrasound Art - remembering the joy of being pregnant

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Gravid (GRA•vid) Adjective: -Pregnant -Carrying developing young or eggs: a gravid uterus or a gravid female. Used in a sentence: "Many young people make the mistake of thinking onanism will prevent gravidity."

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The funniest meme I've seen yet! - Page 3


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She is the love of my life too

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Being pregnant defiantly can cause thesee.

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