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The system that really works. I did away with all other chore systems. This is the one that really works: mom bucks.

Mom Bucks: The Solution I Needed Desperately

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Should Kids Be Paid for Chores? » Nature Moms

A commission schedule for kids instead of handing them money for an allowance - great idea. I would have done a lot more chores when I was younger!  frugaldad.com/do-you-pay-your-kids-an-allowance/
The Gilded Pear: Chore Charts & Allowance-FREE printable chore charts
Starting this chore system next week.  We'll see how it goes.  Combining with a chore chart and doing 3 pouches for each kid for save, spend, share.
I like to give $ for chores because it teaches the kids the importance of working hard and earning your $.

Should I Give My Child an Allowance?

13 of the Best Chore Charts for Kids: Chores are a great way to teach kids responsibility, independence, and self-sufficiency. Getting started with kids assigned chores can be challenging, but getting organized can help. Use one of these chore charts for kids to get started.

13 of the Best Chore Charts for Kids

What an awesome resource for teaching kids about family responsibility, earning money, saving, spending and even giving!

Kids’ Responsibility & Money Management Kit

Earned Allowance Cards -- great idea to motivate your kids to do their chores
I like this one because it has a fines area. That way even if the kids do the activity if it isn't done when or how you would like their is a consequence.
100 Chores Your Kids Can Do For An Allowance broken down by age.

100 Chores Your Kids Can Do For An Allowance

Job, Chores for magnets for Chore chart
What chores kids should do by age FREE Printable.
This Work For Hire Chores Board gives your kids the opportunity to earn money for their piggy banks!
Allowance Contract  I know allowances are controversial, but I'm a VERY big fan with my own son (daughter's still too young) -- it really works for him.  And the contract was a big part of it.  He is so proud of himself when he buys the whole family ice cream.  I like that this contract addresses how allowance money will be spent.
Incentive to help around the house... chores listed on popsicle sticks attached using velcro...